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photoblog image Around The World - Freight Train Bow Ri. Valley 2

Around The World - Freight Train Bow Ri. Valley 2


This is the other half of the train that was behind me when i took the previous photo on May 24th, Around the World - Freight Train Bow River Valley".
The railway tracks run along Bow River with Fairview Mountain in the background in Banff National Park.

Around The World - Freight Train Bow Ri. Valley 2


This is the other half of the train that was behind me when i took the previous photo on May 24th, Around the World - Freight Train Bow River Valley".
The railway tracks run along Bow River with Fairview Mountain in the background in Banff National Park.

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  • cajera
  • France
  • 29 May 2011, 08:20
We find the size of the landscape. It's great.
We must hope there are no
derailment because the train seems to transport chemical products that are not
good for nature. This is a private Canadian company PROCOR that carries many different products, that uses this railway. Are there any train passengers who travel by this way?
....peter:): Hello Cajera... vous êtes le seul à voir cette photo à l'avance.
Je suis heureux que vous soins sur l'environnement s'inquiéter un déraillement.... mon frère sont un ingénieur pour CNR depuis 25 ans, et il me dit q'ils ont très strictes règles sur la vitesse des trains... je ne sais pas que ces agents de train prennent encore plus de précautions lorsqu'ils sont sur le flanc, une rivière de ce genre. À ma connaissance, il y a jamais un déraillement dans cette partie des Rocheuses.
Il y a de nombreux trains de voyageurs qui passent par les Rocheuses et il y a des voitures de Vista qui ont le deuxième étage avec des toits en forme de dôme sur eux qui permet aux passagers de voir la beauté à droite jusqu'au sommet des montagnes et de prendre des photos d'eux..... J'espère que cela aidera à éliminer certains de vos préoccupations...Bonne Journée....peter/pierresmile
  • Ray
  • Hong Kong
  • 5 Jun 2011, 01:35
Lucky rolling stock to have this view as the do their work.
....peter:): All i can say is that i am glad that they are on rails and don't have to steered those long locomotives.....
i left all the driving to Joe because otherwise we would have been over some cliff from me looking around lol....petersmile
  • remla
  • France
  • 5 Jun 2011, 03:04
j'aime cette impression d'immensité !
....peter:): Merci beaucoup Remla je suis heureux que que vous avez apprécié l'immensité de cette photo.....Avoir une bonne dimanche....peter/pierresmile
that is a long one, but I rather see people=trains... haha.

OT: Thanks for the mails, and collage
....peter:): I would rather have been able to photograph the Vista passenger trains going through this beautiful valley.....petersmile
You are most welcome Chantal....and thanks for all the lions....great jobgrin
  • Alan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 5 Jun 2011, 07:12
Because of its length, its probably taken 2 weeks to pass you smile smile The river has the classic glacial appearance.
....peter:): Not quite that long Alan but it was a very long train with two diesel engines pulling it along.....this is a glacier river Alan .......tomorrow i will show you where it starts from....petersmile
  • Chris
  • England
  • 5 Jun 2011, 10:12
I want to hitch a lift Peter!
....peter:): I wish i could grant you that wish
but you could fly into Calgary and grab the passenger train through these mountains on to Vancouver....and those trains also have Vista cars that have a second storey with a domed roof on themsmile....all it takes is money....grin....petersmile
Apart from the scenery i marvel at the power of the locomotives required to haul these massive trains.
....peter:): Thanks for the great comment Brian....i sent you a shot of the enginessmile....petersmile
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 5 Jun 2011, 12:42
I think I'd like to be freight on this train..see the world thru one of the windows. What a gorgeous viewpoint.
....peter:): Thanks Marcie i like your imagination about being freight....but the passenger trains would be more comfortable lol....petersmile
How did you know? except of the ocean, there is nothing I love more than the distant music of a train, it's like the most beautiful melody to me, how stunning...this photo
....peter:): Hi Lorraine....well you can have your cake and eat it toogrin!!!
i have showed you two photos of the trains going through the mountains....
but before i got to the Rockies i started this "Around The World" theme in Atlantic Canada on Nov 5, 2010:

then we went throught The Med....
and on to four Hawaiin
any time that you want to see the'is all there in my archivesgrin
I like this view of contrasting the great wilderness of the mountains with the great commercial transportation of the train passing through. Nice juxtaposition.
....peter:): It is a bit of an enigma Doug....seeing a train car with "PROCOR" printed on its side going along a glacial river through such beautiful and rugged mountains terrain...
But it did give me a photo-opp that i could not turn downsmile....petersmile
I should have cloned our the name....but hindsight is 20/20!
  • Pascal
  • France
  • 5 Jun 2011, 15:25
Peter, décidément, ce sont tes photos de trains que j'aime le plus. Ils serpentent dans les grands espaces. C'est très bien photographier.
....peter:): Pascal, il est plus rien à répondre à un tel commentaire que de dire....
Merci Monsieursmile
Another trip I'd like to take... by train. Nice composition Peter.
....peter:): Thank you very much Jacquelyn....the train would be a good idea!!
that way you can't drive off of the road when you see all of this beautygrin....petersmile
glorious!!! the air is so clear you can see forever!!! the mountains and trees look like i can just reach out and touch them!!!!! awesome shot!!!!
....peter:): Elaine!!!! you have said this so beautifully.... and with such "Joy de vivre"!!! i love it when you say these things xx oosmile....petersmile
what amazing scenery..
....peter:): Thank you for your visit today SESAN.....and for your wonderful comment....petersmile
Quintessentially Canadian, P!
Rocky mountains, pine trees, fresh water...

Perhaps, a couple of beavers to complete the picture? wink

How was your weekend, mate?
....peter:): It is quintessential LC.... because it is {CANADA!!!}smile

What more could you ask for from this great wilderness.

I am afraid that the beavers in this photo had been run oversmile
It is a train after all!!!

I have had a fantastic weekend thank you.

I took two of the Grandkids for a boat ride this morning.
Later in the afternoon two more showed up and we all jumped into the hot tubsmile
While my son finished making our prime rib dinnersmile
Life is goodgrin
  • Jennie
  • United States
  • 5 Jun 2011, 23:43
great image on so many levels, Peter. Lots of points of interest.
....peter:): thank you Jennie....i agree with you completely....every time i look at this photo i see something new that i had missed....petersmile
quite a scene here. a train ride would be nice and i could imagine the view from the windows.
....peter:): it would be an amazing train ride through the mountains Ayush...thank you for your comment....petersmile
Love this complete with freight train rolling through.
....peter:): Thank you snakes its way through the trees along the river from this angle....this first shot of the front half of this train showed a straight curve along the river ....petersmile

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